Pretty Dirty: The New Studio That’s ‘Girlsway’s Dirty Younger Brother’

Just because it’s dirty doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty.

Girlsway has made a distinct impression in the porn world with movies like The Turning and Project Pandora, and now the brand is getting a new sidekick! Pretty Dirty, the new label from Girlsway masterminds Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, will tackle boy/girl plots and scenarios with all the same style and flourish that has made movies like Turning so popular. (The Turning was Adult Empire’s top VOD seller for four weeks last fall.)

“I’m calling it ‘Girlsway’s dirty younger brother,” said Mills, who serves as head of production, in an piece published by AVN. “It’s going to be hardcore boy/girl product, very similar to Girlsway in the sense of the style: story-driven content open to tackling a range of different subjects. It’s serialized content, and my mantra is ‘If the story isn’t worthy of appearing on the front page of a tabloid, it’s probably not going to be on Pretty Dirty.’ We’re trying to tackle fun, sordid tales, a lot of cautionary tales, it’s going to be that sort of thing.”

While the name of the studio makes it clear that aesthetics will be an important aspect, Mills emphasized that story is a first-tier priority, too. “All of our content is story driven. We have scripts for everything we do. We have specific scripts for our bigger projects and fairly detailed outlines for our vignettes,” she said. “We will work and ad-lib with the actors, but that requires a person who is creative and brings something to their character. That’s an absolute must for us. You have to be able to act. We like to involve the creativity of the talent we work with, and often we’ll adjust the storyline based on a really good idea that one of the actors has given on the set. We try to make it a collaborative process.”

The first movie in the Pretty Dirty line is Sugar Babies, which will demonstrate the studio’s thematically driven philosophy right out of the gate. Mills describes it as “a cautionary tale, a tragedy, about what happens when you enter into the world of sugar daddies and sugar babies: everything that can go wrong.”

Read more about Pretty Dirty here.

Sugar Babies is available now – order it here.