Angela White’s ‘Forbidden’ Fleshlight Is A Must-Have

Editor’s note: This sex toy review was written by Adult Empire in-house reviewer Oranje.

My packages of review items are usually a smorgasbord of goodies. I’ve had the distinct pleasure over the last several years to review a number of Fleshlight‘s products: I don’t care what anyone says, they’re the best thing going. Period. And if they ever need a test dummy for new products, I’m always available. I’m also a big fan of Angela White. My type in every way: brunette, wonderful eyes, perfectly curvy. Yowsa. I need to own more of her films if I’m honest. She’s in the Eva Angelina/Eve Lawrence territory for me: I could get every film. Now picture me opening my review box. And I see something from Fleshlight. Joy. And it’s the Angela White model. Even better. And, being the anal aficionado that I am, to find that it’s the Forbidden version? Best. Day. Ever. Until the next day, when I actually tested the thing out. You know that time you have really amazing sex? For me it’s usually with someone where we have some kind of torrid affair but it doesn’t last. The sex stays in your head, though, like every nerve ending in your body goes off. That’s what this toy did for me. Seriously. If for some silly reason you’ve never tried a product from Flashlight, and you happen to be biologically male (as I am), note that the little cap at the end of the thing will be your best friend: this controls the suction. I also have one other brilliant item from these people. That’s aside from the terrific lubes, cleaning supplies, and powder, mind you. It’s the shower mount. And if you get yourself one treat this month, make it this toy with that mount. You’re welcome. I love Angela White. Her performances. Her look. Her accent. And I love Fleshlight. They’ve kept me good for some time now, and have come in handy now that I’ve found myself completely single. Put them together? Amazing. Simply amazing.

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