Cindy Starfall ‘Bikini Model Mayhem’ Q&A

Thanks to a new TV movie performance, Cindy Starfall has shown she can shine in mainstream projects just as readily as she does in adult entertainment. The petite starlet joined the cast of Cinemax’s Bikini Model Mayhem, a sexy spoof that debuted February 6th on the popular pay-cable channel. We chatted with the Vietnam-born star about her experience shooting the movie, the difficulties of crossing over to mainstream, working with co-star Katie Morgan, and more.

How did your role in Cinemax’s Bikini Model Mayhem come about?

I was honored to have the opportunity to work with a mainstream director after he read my bio and video resume. Then he sent me 50+ pages of script to prepare for my role.

How does being on a mainstream set differ from that of a porn set?

There are many similarities and differences. Both sides love what they do. I noticed on this project they spent more time working out camera angles than they do in porn. Porn sets usually have about ten crew members or less. Mainstream has over fifty. There is someone in charge of every detail on set, from props, to makeup, to sound.

Do you feel Hollywood and mainstream culture tend to discriminate against men/women of porn when they try to cross over?

I think that treatment still exist. I don’t think it will ever go away. There are less Asian actresses in Hollywood than others.  Not because we’re not as talented but I feel that most people don’t have the patience to be openminded about other cultures. We as a society tend to stick with what we are most familiar with. If someone else sounds different than us, we tend to exclude them because, “she doesn’t speak perfect English.” I definitely feel the pressure of being Asian and of being an Asian PORNSTAR as well.  However, I stick to who I am and don’t let anything bother me.

Are you looking to do more mainstream projects?

It was definitely a fun, interesting experience. I cant wait to gain more opportunity to work in mainstream.

What are some of your favorite sexually-charged mainstream movies (i.e. movies along the lines of Showgirls, Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, et cetera)?

I know there aren’t many or any sex scenes, but when I watch The Expendables, I can’t help but fantasize about being in a gangbangi with the whole crew.

The movie deals with sex and politics – why do you think politicians have such a hard time avoiding major sex scandals?

Being a politician is difficult. Every detail of your life is scrutinized. However, there job doesn’t stop them from being men. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with politicians being sexual creatures. They are still human and men have sexual urges. I don’t think people should define one’s characteristic and his work ethic based on his sex life. That’s why I liked Bill Clinton. He knew how to have fun 🙂

Do you think there’s still room in the marketplace for “late night” movies like Bikini Model Mayhem despite the ready availability of more hardcore stuff?

Yes there is because not everyone wants hardcore. I’ve met many fans who appreciate the artistic edge of softcore movies.  Those films are also great for couples as well.

Katie Morgan, who recently made a big porn comeback, is one of your co-stars in this movie. Did you have any scenes with her?  If so, what was she like to work with?

Katie was definitely gorgeous. It was fun shooting with her. We just went at it without stopping.

Had you seen any Cinemax “late night” type movies prior to appearing in Bikini Model Mayhem?

I’ve seen a few, but I have never starred in one. I loved how it was shot and am very excited to see the final product.

What Hollywood stars do you find the sexiest?

Sofia Vergara, Sylvestor Stallone.

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