Pornstars Spoof Acting School in New Vid

James Lipton has never had a pornstar appear as part of Inside the Actors Studio, but then again, maybe that’s just a failure of imagination on his part. Porn movies certainly keep their focus on action, yet most still do feature dialogue scenes and stories. What’s a porn actor to do when they’ve nailed the sexual aspect of performance but still can’t quite master characters and motivations? Why, they can head off to the Acting Institute for Pornstars, according to new parody video from After Party (a short-film YouTube account that is part of the Buzzfeed family of sites).

The video does not go for the cliched joke of mocking pornstars for their perceived lack of acting ability, but instead opts to be just as much a spoof of acting classes themselves. Real-life pornstars Tommy Pistol and Paris Kennedy join in on the fun as they good naturedly mock self-important acting instructors, oddball acting exercises, and method-style acting techniques. Watch it here: