Hustler Unearths Two Lost John Holmes Classics

John Holmes was one of the most famous pornstars of his or any day, notorious enough that he inspired at least two mainstream films that chronicled his story. Hustler and Zero Tolerance are now giving fans a chance to see the actor’s very first feature work in two recently unearthed porn movies from the early 1970s. The films, Doctor I’m Coming and Balls In Action, feature a spry and energized Holmes (though appearing on the cover pics sans the celebrated “pornstar moustache” that he sported in so much of his later work).

“We comb through an enormous amount of content on a regular basis and, every once in a while, come across something really special,” said Hustler’s Larry Flynt, whose company discovered the movies. “This is one of those times. We’re very excited to bring these hidden treasures to the public.” The two films did not see release because their director decided to refocus his career on mainstream projects (the name of the director has not been released, since he would still like to remain anonymous, which invites an interesting guessing game as to what his identity might be).

“With Mr. Flynt’s keen interest in the production of erotic content, he frequently makes purchases of large lots of adult films and examines them to see if there is any material of interest,” said Robert Smith, Hustler exec. “This time, he hit the jackpot!”

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