EroticaX Puts the Spotlight on Polyamory

Remember the old Miller Lite commercials where two people would squabble over what channel to watch, only to have a third person intercede with a little magic that allowed both programs to be watched simultaneously? Frivolous as they were, they brought to light one of life’s perpetual conundrums: sometimes you’re confronted with a zero-sum choice. One or the other. Either/or. This has been the traditional paradigm regarding relationships — when you’re in a committed romantic relationship with someone, it has typically entailed exclusivity. But can’t there be an alternate way, one that includes commitment but permits multiple simultaneous relationships, complete with physical and emotional intimacy? The concept of polyamory is the focus of a new movie from EroticaX, the debut film for the studio from noted director James Avalon (well known for his many movies for Sweet Sinner).

“When I heard that O.L. Entertainment was interested in having me direct for EroticaX, I knew immediately I wanted my debut to be about polyamory,” Avalon said in a press release. “Using the polyamory lifestyle as a theme throughout the movie, we were able to create four beautiful vignette scenes capturing the essence of the studio and its awarded movies.”

The term is a relatively new one, originating in 1994 according to Merriam Webster. In 1997, the online newsgroup that helped to coin the term defined polyamory this way: “Polyamory means ‘loving more than one.’ This love may be sexual, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof, according to the desires and agreements of the individuals involved.” A more recent definition, put forward by a support group called the Polyamory Society, described polyamory as “the non-possessive, honest, responsible and ethical philosophy and practice of loving multiple people simultaneously.”

Though the lifestyle has received more and more attention in recent years, Polyamory is the first major porn movie to use the term in its title. In fact, in Adult Empire’s vast back catalog of prior porn releases, only a handful have even mentioned the term as part of their hook (Hell’s Belles, Nina Hartley’s Guide to Exploring Open Relationship and Madison Young’s Silvia).

In a 2014 Adult Empire interview, pornstar Karla Lane noted that there are many misconceptions about polyamory, particular in the way it relates to swinging. “Polyamorous is not swinging and swinging is not polyamorous,” she said. “Swinging I can go to a club and just hook up with a complete stranger and go home and never talk to that person again. For me, I actually have to have an emotional relationship with a person to be physical with them. I can’t just open my legs up and be like ‘Here, go at it!. I’m not wired that way.”

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