Exclusive: Q&A with Angela White

Angela White does it all in her latest showcase feature: anal, ass-to-mouth, airtight, double penetration, first DV, first DA, and first triple penetration!  We sat down with the star as she talked about the exploration of her sexuality in Angela: Volume Two.

With Angela: Volume Two you’ve certainly taken your sexual journey to new heights.  Was it a conscious decision to have multiple firsts in each of your movies as opposed to spreading them out in a longer series of releases?

Absolutely! I’m a sexually adventurous person, and I love to explore my desires and push my sexual boundaries. Forcing myself to spread out my “firsts” over multiple releases would stifle my growth and my enthusiasm as a performer. I understand that it is important to have a game plan in this industry, but I also have to balance business with my own personal desires and sexual curiosity.

Would you say this is the kinkiest movie you’ve ever shot?

I generally associate kinkiness with BDSM, so I don’t know whether I would label this movie as “kinky” per se. But these scenes are certainly the furthest I’ve ever pushed my sexuality and my bodily limits. I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to achieve in Angela: Volume Two.

Can you explain what Airtight means?

Airtight is when you have all of your holes filled at once; so at least one cock in the pussy, one in the ass, and one in the mouth at the same time. I got to experience that for the first time in my scene with Lexington Steele, Rico Strong, and Moe Johnson.

Do you prefer DV or DA more and why?

Honestly, they were both completely overwhelming, I’d be hard pressed to choose. Both were intense, as well as challenging.

How did you prepare for your firsts in this movie?

I did my regular enema and cleaning out prep for the anal in the scenes, but I didn’t actually prepare for the double vaginal or double anal. When I was telling the guys in the gangbang what I wanted to capture during the scene, I said that we could try DV or DA, but I honestly didn’t think it was physically possible for me and I told them that. That’s why you can hear Erik Everhard in the background saying “See, anything is possible!” during the double dicking.

Do you feel that being a director helps you to perform better in your movies?

Yes, producing and directing my own films allows me to create a space in which I feel completely comfortable to push my boundaries with the knowledge that I can call “cut” at any moment. I am in complete control of the filming and how the scene will play out and that has allowed me to make my fantasies a reality.

What do you like about performing with other women?

I just LOVE being with women in general. I love their sensuality, the way they kiss and how they touch. In Angela: Volume Two, I got to experience my first lesbian three-way with Alexis Texas and Anikka Albrite and it was spectacular! I knew it would be an intense scene because I had previously shot with both of them separately and we already amazing chemistry. You get the best of both worlds in that scene with a brunette and 2 blondes, huge natural tits, and 2 perfect round asses.

What have you learned sexually about yourself since you joined porn?

I’ve learnt so many things about myself. I didn’t know I could squirt before porn. I didn’t know I could take two cocks inside one of my holes. More significantly, I’ve learnt more about the varied nature of sexuality. There is nothing that I think is “weird” when it comes to sex.

Could you tell us how you came up with the unique glam look for your movies’ photography and cover-art design?

I take a lot of inspiration from high-end Fashion houses and art magazines. I also love a modern minimalist aesthetic and I try to incorporate that into everything from my website design to my DVD covers.

What first in Angela: Volume Two was the most challenging? Were there any you were initially reluctant about?

As I’m the director and producer of all my content, I would never try and shoot anything I am reluctant to do. Furthermore, I always like to go into a scene with my mind as open as my legs. But I did think that certain things just wouldn’t be physically possible for me, and I was happily proved wrong. Out of all the challenges that I took on with the making of Angela 2, the directorial and production challengers were far greater than those regarding performance. I would say that scheduling was actually the most challenging thing. It can be a logistical nightmare trying to finds days in the calendar where not only all the major, in-demand talent are available and in-test, but also your crew and desired shoot location are open.

Will there be an Angela Vol. 3? If so, could you give us a hint about what we can expect to see in it?

I feel like a lot of careers get cut short in this industry with the constant pressure to do more or to move onto the next thing. I would rather just enjoy this moment with the release of Angela: Volume Two than start thinking about a Vol. 3. However, I will put it out there that if fans would like me to produce a Vol. 3 they should consider supporting me and buying the DVD. These big budget showcase are very expensive to make but I can’t do it without their support. I’d also like to give a big shoutout to every single person who has bought my release so far! YOU make my work possible. Thank you!