Jenna Jameson Admits Shyness About Watching Her Own Movies

For mainstream actors, the experience of watching their own movies must seem slightly surreal. For porn actors, it must be doubly strange, since the nature of the medium means it captures you at very intimate moments. Despite a career that spanned nearly two decades and scores of movies, Jenna Jameson admits she’s still a little timid about watching her own porn-movie performances.

“I can’t watch my own sex scenes in movies – it freaks me out,” the world-famous star told The Sun. “I know it sounds weird but I’m naturally shy. Watching myself have sex freaks me out. But some of the things I’ve done would boggle your mind. I’ve had sex at Niagara Falls!” (We’d love to hear the background on that particular story!)

The retired star has been back in the headlines recently thanks to an appearance in Britain’s popular Celebrity Big Brother. She also noted that her legendary reputation tends to intimidate men she runs into — in fact they are usually “shared shitless” of her — and she thinks former pornstars are often “terrible lovers.” Nevertheless, she considers herself much less wild than people might assume: “I guess people think that I’m going to be like, ‘Orgy!’ I’m on the straight and narrow and I always have been but I’m in a business and porn just happens to be my business.”

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