Will Axel Braun Take On ‘The Fantastic Four’?

If at first you don’t succeed . . . try, try again!

Hollywood has mounted no less than four movies adapting the comic-book franchise the Fantastic Four, but none has managed to garner both artistic and commercial success. As a result, fans have started clamoring for an alternative, from a source with a proven track record in the genre: director Axel Braun. Social media has given voice to this fan-desired project, which has produced memes with the slogan “Save Us Axel Braun; You’re Our Only Hope” (see featured image).

“It’s flattering and quite frankly pretty funny that fans are turning to me after their disappointment with Hollywood’s continued failure to create a Fantastic Four movie that comic lovers can be proud of,” Braun told XBIZ. “I am honestly still undecided on what my next comic parody will be, but it will definitely show love and respect for the source material, as well as a deep understanding of the characters… something that the mainstream film industry seems somehow incapable of.”

It’s not surprising to see a groundswell of interest in a possible Braun parody of the Fantastic Four — his take on Batman V. Superman (beating the mainstream version to the punch by over a year) was acclaimed for its attention to detail and high-level production value.

It remains to be seen what comic-book parody Braun will tackle next, but in the meantime, fans can look forward to Peter Pan XXX, a Braun parody that wrapped last week and will be released in late September.

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