Exclusive Interview: Venus Lux

Venus Lux has become one of the top transsexual performers since joining the adult industry in 2012. In just a few short years, Venus has risen to the top by being crowned AVN’s 2015 TS Performer of the Year.  Check out our interview with the dynamic performer.

What kind of child were you growing up?

Growing up and raised as a single child, I didn’t conform to the stereotypical kid that liked to play with mom’s make up or play with dolls. Let’s say I wasn’t typical in many ways. I was a nerd, geek, tomboy, and rambunctious kid who enjoyed sports, video games, rough housing, bug collecting, gardening, exploring, and making money selling candy. It’s so awkward now looking back of all the phases I’ve been through. I guess I could say that I never really grew into my skin and security with myself until now. Being an only child is tough sometimes when you don’t have anyone to play with but yourself. Most often I find myself playing with my dog, reading books, occasional hunting/fishing with my father and exploring the backyard when I was younger. During my teens, I was able to break out my shell more with newfound confidence from peers, students, and friends that I had similar common interests. My insecurity with crooked teeth did prevent me from dating much or being part of the “popular” crowd, but I was able to keep myself busy with honor roll classes, JROTC, clubs, and sports like tennis, golf, and volleyball. Growing up in the lower class bracket definitely helped mold my morals and philosophies for life, which benefited my future. I didn’t have the perfect childhood but I did enjoy the moments that I had.

How did you choose your stage name?

Originally I chose Venus Lux because Venus is the ruling planet for Libras and Lux because it was short for luxury. It was something that was unique and the best I could come up with. Looking back at it now, it’s a bit tacky. Now my new reason for my name is from the Latin/Greek roots of Venus (love) and Lux (illumination). Love illumination or illumination of love sounds so much better doesn’t it?! Yeah definitely going to stick with this.

Tell us about shooting your very first scene after coming into the industry.

My first scene I shot was with Kink for their new site tspussyhunter.com in San Francisco. I can remember it so vividly. It was a double cherry for me. First girl I ever had sex with and first porn scene ever. That day, I was such a nervous wreck from not knowing what to expect and if I can meet up to expectations and if I ever wanted to get booked again. The scene was simply set in an open standing shower with marble tiles that was large enough to fit easily 10 people standing. I remember it being cold and trying to sustain an erection. If some people think performing is easy, you think wrong. You don’t know what scenarios you may be put into or how much it will test your endurance, skills, and control. My scene partner was Kaylee Hilton who was such a pretty blonde girl who was so cute and patient with me, god bless her. Kaylee was reluctant to guide me, which helped tremendously with streamlining the scene and controlling the direction since I got the penis. When you got the penis and doing all the fucking, you better believe that you are also in control of how to maneuver your partner and direct the scene. A little break here and there, I was able to successfully complete the scene with a little porn on the phone. Hate to say I got it over with but better phrased it was a new learning experience for me. A thousand assholes and pussies later, look at me now!

What pornstars would you consider yourself a fan of?

To be honest, at this point I have probably met all the pornstars I’ve wanted to meet. I understand how porn is made and how performers function mentally and physically, so I seldom watch any porn that is professionally produced. When you see the same thing or the system of operations so often you can get destigmatized. Often times I will watch random normal people making their own amateur movies.

What gets you off?

What gets me off? That’s a loaded question! The main things I can’t get enough off are intimacy and passion. Sensuality at its peak with hints of romance just the thought of it makes me yearn. Throw in a guy who is hairy, toned, endowed, tall, attractive, versatile, and enjoys slow passionate lovemaking. Oh god yes! Lets make a romance novel with Luther Vandross in the background.

What’s the best thing about being a pornstar?

The best thing about being a pornstar would have to be the evolution of my interaction with people. Whether it is fans interacting with me or me interacting with people who happen to be fans. It’s so fascinating to hear about people’s backgrounds that lead up to being my fan. Sometimes ill meet someone online like OkCupid or Tinder and find out they know of my professional background. It just makes explaining and sharing my lifestyle so much easier. I’m a public figure and people who know who I am and what I’m all about which makes it so much more comfortable for me to interact with that person. Sometimes I will question should I tell this guy what I do for a living or will he just sexually objectify me?

How has being in porn changed influenced your sex life off the set?

Porn influenced my sex life off set tremendously in such an unexplainable but fulfilling manner. When I’m on set I will meet my scene partner for the first time and keep the sex professional (acting) in order to avoid complications. At times that demeanor gets carried over into my personal life and would have to stop to catch myself that this person’s expectations, skills, and experience is quite limited. But overall porn has dwindled my bucket list and has me craving more excitement or the next challenge. I’m a freaking nympho now and can’t get enough of the high-octane action! Two shlongs at pit roasting, sure why not! Threesome with a couple, why can’t we throw in a fourth for an orgy?

What are some things we would be surprised to learn about you?

Something surprising about me, hmm. Some of the things that aren’t sex related but surprising to learn about me are: my love for fishing/hunting, how golf is my comfort sport, and I’m half deaf on my right ear. Surprise!

Is there any message/big projects you want to pass along to your fans & how can your fans reach you? 

Some new things. Vote for me for this year’s Nightmoves Best Transsexual Performer of the Year! Venus-lux.com 3.0 is launched and members will love the new interface when watching their dosage of me. New features will be added in later this year. Check out my new DVDs: Venus Lux Fantasies and TS Fetishes exclusively released by Venus Lux Entertainment in partnership with Pulse Distribution. Fans who have not met me or would like to meet me again can expect me at AVN Expo and AVN Awards 2016 in Las Vegas no doubt! Accruing more affiliates for my new affiliate program sexyfortune.com, make money promoting my content with the highest traffic converting tools!


Position:  cowgirl

Sex Toy: bondage gear

Food: noodle soup

Movie: Sci-fi fantasy movies like The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Marvel movies

Twitter: @venuslux @vlproductions

Instagram: @venuslux venus-lux.com

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