Exclusive Guest Blog: Derrick Pierce Takes You BTS of Magic Mike XXXL

Editor’s note: This exclusive guest blog was written by male performer Derrick Pierce.

My phone lights up with a text message that just came in. It’s from Mr. Brad Armstrong, the infamous Wicked Pictures director. So of course, I totally ignore the message…. Yeah right. I’m sure it’s either a movie offer, or him talking shit about how urban I am or…BOTH

B.Rad: “What’s up homeboyeee?”

D.P.: “Waddap?”

B.Rad: “Did you hear that they are going into production for a Magic Mike 2 movie?”

D.P.: “Yeah I read something about that.”

I knew this text was coming because a few years ago we went with a big group to go watch the first one and Jessica Drake was on Brad’s ass to do a parody, but he thought it was too late.

B.Rad: “You in, Magic Mike? Wanna shake yo ass in a g-string on camera?”

D.P.: “I don’t have very much shame left. Fuck it, let’s do it.”

And “MMXXXL” was born!

Brad wrote a treatment for a script, but was holding out for some insider info as to what the actual storyline would be. To be honest, the info he stumbled upon was pretty damn accurate. But in the midst of it all, Armstrong decided to put his own twist on the story and it was pretty damn GOOD!

There was really no need to “get into character” because I was already very familiar with the role and it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to play that. Being a smartass and dancing while talking about womanizing is right up my alley.

B.Rad: “Yo, we have a cast meeting at the house on Wednesday night; make sure you are there.”

D.P.: “Done deal. See ya then, boss.”

As we were sitting around the dining room table I realized, “Damn. Brad’s casting is REALLY good!” Everyone has similarities to their counterparts. Amazing.

All of the locations were really on point; we even used the same store in Hollywood to purchase the dance gear. But the top of the top was the strip club that they built! It was almost IDENTICAL! The art dept KILLED IT!

We had around six or seven rehearsals, pulling most of the choreography straight form the original movie. We had to make some small changes here and there, but for the most part, it was spot on. And I have to be honest; the male cast members did such a damn good job with it all. Having very little dance background didn’t hold them back at all; they really put in the work.

And, while I can’t speak for every sex scene in the movie, I was really pleased with mine. Especially the one with Jessica. That was awesome!

I just kept thinking, “Isn’t this ultimately would happen if the mainstream movie shot the truth?” Sounds like a plan!

As we started to post more pics online through social media, I noticed a buzz starting. The hashtag was kinda blowing up and I tagged Channing Tatum in EVERY Instagram post I made about the shoot, not that I expected him to respond. That would have been killer though. I hear that he has quite the sense of humor, in addition to being a talented dancer.

As things started to hit full stride, the buzz was at an all-time high, with articles on cosmo.com, uproxx.com, and a few others. I was kind of taken back by it. I had hoped the movie would pick up steam, but had no idea it would be so well received.

On the very last day of shooting, I was like “Damn, we are done? That sucks!” We were having such a good time!

Maybe a sequel???

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