Kendra Lust Signs IR Exclusive Deal with ArchAngel

When Kendra Lust decided to shoot her first interracial scene, she debated which studio to choose, but when it came to signing an IR exclusive contract, it was ArchAngel all the way.

“When ArchAngel proposed the idea of an exclusive contract, it was something my management team and I knew was the right choice,” Lust said in an AVN press release. “Together, we have made amazing content and I’m proud of the finished product. 2015 is going to be a powerful year for me. I am focused on building my brand and getting involved creatively in all aspects of my career.”

The success of her previous ventures with ArchAngel made it an easy choice. “I had debated which company to do [my first interracial scene] with. Part of me wanted to give this new company a chance . . . for me, I felt like I had a little bit more autonomy or a little bit more flexibility in how the scene went. They’re comfortable to shoot with, really great crew. It was all around really cool to work with them. I was really happy,” Kendra told Adult Empire in a December 2014 interview shortly after the release of The Booty Movie.

Lust and ArchAngel collaborated again on another massive bestseller earlier this year in True Lust, but it’s only the beginning.

“I want to focus on giving my fans amazing scenes and keeping them excited for what’s to come,” Lust told AVN. “I have an amazing new agency named Sylvaria that supports and encourages me to think outside the box, an exclusive new contract with my ArchAngel family, and several exciting projects are in the works. What more can a girl ask for?”

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