Toni Ribas Turns ‘Evil’

The “Evil” empire just keeps on growing.

Acclaimed director/performer Toni Ribas has joined Evil Angel as its newest spotlight director, making his behind-the-camera debut for the company with All Stuffed Up.

“I can’t be any more excited to be releasing my movies at Evil,” Ribas said when the signing was first announced. “I’m still working on my new lines, but I can tell you what I’m looking for in my movies: I like to portray women as beautiful as I can, sensual, sexy and with attitude. Most important is their attitude, how they want to show themselves, how they play for the camera.” The hallmark of his work for Evil Angel will be “girls looking their best and letting go, just enjoying themselves and putting their sexual fantasies out there for us.”

To Ribas, the key to great porn is chemistry. “When we get to the sex I like to just follow and let them get into it, ’cause I believe the good things just happen and you have to be ready to capture it, especially at this level with the best performers in the biz. I want to see them get lost and be real. I feel that there’s a magic moment when that happens and there’s a connection between the performers. One of the most important things is to match the right people together.”

If the signing of Ribas represents Evil Angel doubling down on spectacular hardcore, it’s only appropriate that the first Ribas/Evil Angel film would be entitled All Stuffed Up. “All Stuffed Up is a movie that I have been wanting to do for some time,” said Ribas. “Ramon and me have been working together for many, many years, and I had the feeling that many girls wanted to have DP scenes with us. Having the girls wanting to go that extra mile, and knowing that with our cooperation we could take the scenes to high levels of intensity, was key.”

Ribas joins fellow Spain native Nacho Vidal at Evil Angel, who has made his directorial mark with a series of high-energy movies for the company. Though new to Evil Angel, Ribas is hardly a novice in the director’s chair – his previous filmmaking efforts have included movies for Elegant Angel, Private, Red Light District and more.

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