Open Up ‘Schoolgirl Diaries 2’! (AE VOD Exclusive)

schoolgirl diaries front coverIn college, there are plenty of ways to make the grade. The traditional means is to hit the books, but what do you do when you’re a nubile co-ed and your professor is a dirty-minded old gent? The only book you’ll need to crack open is the Schoolgirl Diary! From the boundary-pushing minds of Desperate Pleasures, the studio that brought you Deflower Me Daddy and Weekend at Grandpas, comes Schoolgirl Diaries No. 2, a collegiate adventure that’ll elevate a lot more than just your GPA. It’s available now on Adult Empire as an On Demand exclusive!

This second installment of the Diaries series finds impressionable young Maddy Rose (co-star of Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2) going off to college for a learning experience she’ll never forget! Maddy’s new university friends are bribing the professor into sexual favors, experimenting with girl-on-girl fun, engaging in dirty hazing tactics and much more. If college nowadays is anything like this, we’re amazed that anyone ever leaves!

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