Exclusive: All Access with Carter Cruise

Ever since bursting onto the scene in 2013, this beautiful and talented blonde has become one of the most popular starlets in porn.  So much so she earned the coveted ‘Best New Starlet’ awards from both AVN & XBIZ.  We got the chance to interview Carter for her upcoming showcase feature, ‘All Access: Carter Cruise‘.  Get up close and personal with an exclusive peek into the life of Carter Cruise

Are you listening to any music right now? If so, what?

Oh god, I was NOT expecting this question, or I would have changed the track before opening this. I should probably lie and tell you I’m listening to some deep house or old school hip hop, something “cool,” but really I’m being basic as fuck and singing along to Selena Gomez’s “The Heart Wants What It Wants” for like, the fourth time today. Whatever, don’t judge me, she’s hot.

How does Carter Cruise spend a typical morning? How would Carter Cruise spend an ideal morning?

I don’t really have “typical” mornings, because my schedule is so hectic. Sometimes I’m up at 4 for work, so my mornings consist of porn related fun, like prepping for anal or picking out lingerie, followed by sitting in LA traffic, and blasting some tunes that are only Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift like, half the time.
On days I don’t work, I still wake up kind of early. I like to have coffee on my balcony overlooking DTLA, while I catch up on social media and emails. Then I check my to-do list and create a plan of action for the day. If I have a lot of writing to get done, I like to knock that out first thing (I mean, I can do it in bed), but if not then I like to hit the gym immediately, before I can think of an excuse not to go.
My ideal morning would include brunch (my favorite meal) and butt sex. Also, snuggles.

How do you take your:

• Eggs? Scrambled. No cheese, but hot sauce and avocado is always welcome.
• Coffee? Black on the mornings when I’m fasting, but otherwise I love the sugary stuff. Starbucks white chocolate mocha is simply unreal.
• Whiskey? Neat, if it’s good whiskey. Bulleit bourbon is my favorite right now.

Your apartment is burning down. Besides your cell phone, laptop/external hard drive, what do you grab?

I would say my DJ set up, as it’s the most expensive thing I own, but I don’t think I would be able to carry it along with my laptop. I guess maybe my old journal, the one I kept before I got so into using my laptop for writing, and maybe a couple pieces of jewelry that are meaningful to me. I’m not a super materialistic person, and I moved here a year ago with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes, so I don’t actually own too many things that are irreplaceable. I actually had a dream like this the other night, and I kept just running back in and grabbing random things and somehow the fire never got too crazy, and I was able to save everything I really cared about, and then I woke up. I wonder if that’s a metaphor for life.

What was the first sex toy you’ve ever owned? What was the best sex toy you’ve ever owned?

The first toy I bought wasn’t until college. I’m perfectly content with my hands, but I decided I wanted to try a vibrator. I got some shit vibrator that I won’t name because I’ll probably end up offending the company haha, but I didn’t use it much.
It wasn’t until porn that I got to try tons of sex toys, and figure out what I really like. My favorites so far have been the Hitachi (duh), and this little vibrating butt plug that I’m obsessed with.

What non-porn movies have gotten you hot?
Ohhh, I’m bad at these questions until someone mentions the movie and I’m like oh yeah, that was so hot! But let’s see… Black Swan was definitely hot. I’m really into lesbian sexual tension on film, and the fact that it was all kind of spooky made it even hotter.

What was it like shooting guns on the set of All Access Carter Cruise? Are you a good shot?
Oh yeah, I’m like really good. Like, really really good. I’m SO good, that I actually had to tone down my skills so I didn’t embarrass everyone else. That’s why I never hit the target, you know, just trying to be a good sport and all…
Okay, okay, I’m awful. But whatever! It was fun! Aidra and I were kinda freaking out, and it was funny because everyone was staring at us on the range. It was all these old men and then in walks Derek’s tall ass with his dreads followed by two girls in booty shorts. We definitely didn’t fit in.

Besides work, any plans for the summer? Tour dates, perhaps?
Summer is dedicated to porn, because it’s prime filming time. Summer of Smut, sounds like a good name for a porno! I just took some time off, so I’m ready to get back in it to win it. I do have a few shows in the works, though, and have been working furiously on a few others things. This year is really exciting, because there’s so many things happening behind the scenes, but it’s also crazy stressful!

We think it is safe to say that you love pizza. What is the best slice of pizza you’ve ever had, and what were the circumstances?

You can actually WATCH me eat the best slice of pizza I’ve ever had IN All Access Carter Cruise, crazily enough. It’s definitely ridiculously good pizza, but the process of getting it, as well as how hungry I was from dancing all night definitely took it to the next level.

You’ve said in a blog post that All Access Carter Cruise “marks a new era in porn.” How so?

It’s really about just seeing a sexual woman for who she is, which is so much more than a sex symbol. It’s about saying, “yeah, I can be glamorous and sexual and get down and dirty with the best of them, but I’m also down to kick it in sweats and stuff my face full of pizza.” Sexuality is a huge part of humanity, but it shouldn’t define us, or restrict us. Porn stars have already started to reflect that through social media, but I think All Access is the first showcase that really glorifies that. Airerose really embraced that I’m just like, kind of awkward and embarrassing sometimes, and ran with it.

What is your best advice for all the girls entering the industry this year?

Decide what you want, and go after it. Make a plan, and stick to it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you are, or are not capable of. If I had listened to those people, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. At the same time, realize that success demands hard work, dedication and sacrifice, not just positive thinking or natural gifts. Stay true to yourself, but be willing to change and grow as life happens 

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