Anikka Albrite: ‘I’ve Always Had An Insatiable Appetite for Sex’

Anikka Albrite likes it on top.

On top of the porn world, that is. Her status as perhaps the most popular star in the industry was confirmed by a trio of Female Performer of the Year Awards in winter/spring 2015. The blonde beauty spent some time chatting with RatedXLife in a new video interview, revealing how she keeps the sizzle in her relationship with hubby Mick Blue plus much more.

Some of the juiciest tidbits? She notes that her sexual appetites have always been voracious — “Before I got into the industry, I was always very sexually driven. Consistently, I’d be the one wearing out my partner.” Joining porn broadened her sexual horizons even further and gave her more opportunities to fulfill fantasies. “All these fantasies that I always wanted to fulfill before but couldn’t, I was able to do.”

Albrite knows that not everyone she encounters will be comfortable with her career choice. “If somebody knows I do porn, I just tell them, ‘Look, I do what I love, and I’m safe about it. I tell people we have a very strict testing system, and we get tested for everything every two weeks. I feel very safe doing what I do and it brings me joy.”

She’s also a self-professed sci-fi geek (her favorite show is Battlestar Galactica) and was also a big fan of RPG games at one point. “I liked pretending to be somebody else, and now I get to do that every day,” she said.

And what’s the key to the success of her relationship with Mick? “The thing that really helps us as a couple and helps our relationship is we always try to have sex every day. No matter if he comes or I come, or if it happens or it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. We just always want to maintain that intimacy between us . . . that’s what really keeps us close as a couple.”

Watch the full interview:

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