TS Foxxy Gives Her Perspective on Bruce Jenner

TS Foxxy knows all about the journey of change and self-discovery that Bruce Jenner is going through. Drawing on her own experiences, the popular transsexual performer gave her perspective on this past week’s widely viewed 20/20 interview with the Olympic-medal winner and trans woman Bruce Jenner.

On the impact of the interview:

As a member of the transgender community I felt it was not only a groundbreaking interview that would start the country talking about the transgender community but it was also important to watch. I think it was great what he said and there were moments when it was a very touching interview.

On how she can relate to Bruce Jenner:

I can say that because people like myself in the transgender community can relate to Bruce at one point or another on his story. What I best related to in Bruce was putting on Mom’s dresses and high heels and then putting them away exactly as I found them so I wouldn’t be caught wearing them.

On transgender identity:

What I really loved in what Bruce said was how he is the same person everyone got to know then and that know her now. That’s very true, we want our loved one and friends to continue treating and loving us as the same person you know today. I also loved how close he is to his children and makes them number one. Having family love and support is so important for a transgender to have.

On reaching out to transgender youth:

There’s been too many suicides of transgenders, especially young transgenders in the past years, and I think that a solid family support would have helped prevent that. I try and make myself available to young transgender youth if they need to reach out and talk to someone who’s been there themselves. I think an honest and open minded discussion and tolerance of the transgender population, which is actually bigger than some people think, would help to stop the mindless murders of transgenders we have been seeing.

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