VOD EXCLUSIVE: Kayla-Jane Danger Begins ‘The Longest Night’

The name “Provocateur” captures everything Kayla-Jane Danger wanted to embody in her new movie line. The steamy implications of provocative sex . . . the engaging storylines of thought-provoking erotica . . . and the slightly rebellious streak of a true agent provocateur. The first feature of the new Provocateur Pictures label is The Longest Night, a torrid love-triangle tale that is available on Adult Empire as a VOD exclusive.

“Provocateur Films was born because I wanted to start my own lesbian line that was thought provoking with hot, yet very real scenes and some of the most beautiful women in the world who really love other women,” Kayla told AVN. “There are other lesbian lines, but none like this. Just watch The Longest Night and you will see.”

The film’s plot takes a different approach to the age-old premise of the love triangle. Instead of going the Hollywood route of showing a relationship dilemma that results in melodramatic heartache, the movie demonstrates how romantic jealousies can lead to even greater passion for all involved.

Kayla-Jane Danger has repeatedly shown herself to be one of the most versatile talents in the industry today, directing the acclaimed Carrie’s Secret for Filly Films and also appearing in a memorable stint as Adult Empire’s AVN correspondent. (Check out Adult Empire on YouTube to catch up on her red carpet and backstage interviews.)

Stream The Longest Night on VOD here.

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