Deauxma’s ‘Road Queen’ Journey Draws to a Close

“She’s looking for a few good women.”

So goes the tagline for Deauxma‘s long-running all-girl series Road Queen, and she’s found far more than just a few beauties who fit the bill. But after 10 years and over 30 installments, the search is drawing to a close: Deauxma will bid farewell to the series once Road Queen 36 wraps. (Installments 32-36 are filming simultaneously and started shooting yesterday.)

“I can’t believe it’s been that long, but when you’re having fun it goes by fast I guess,” Deauxma told XBIZ. “It’s just another chapter in the book — a big chapter — and it’s kind of sad.I have a little sad feeling. I’ve enjoyed it so much — the people that we met, the girls, and Dan…It’s like a family, it really is.”

Functioning on a broad level almost like a timelapse video that you might find on YouTube, the Road Queen series has captured pornstar Deauxma in increments over the years, charting her development as a performer. The series’s premise pays homage to that quintessentially American storyline of the road trip, following Deauxma’s dancer character as she navigates the American southwest in her classic car looking for girl-girl fun. Porn has always demonstrated a canny ability to appropriate the narrative structures from classic films, and Road Queen is one of the most enduring examples of the form in adult film.

Like in a road trip movie like Easy Rider or Thelma and Louise, character matters just as much as action. “Her character has always been about goodness,” Girlfriends Films’ Dan O’Connell told XBIZ. “She doesn’t worry about money. She’s just traveling, just an itinerant dancer that’s sort of in the twilight of her career and not able to get the big gigs in big cities. So she goes out to tiny Podunk towns. She goes places where money doesn’t really mean a lot and people are usually happy.”

The famous magenta custom car featured in the movies has become just as much a signature of the series as Deauxma herself. O’Connell found the vehicle on Ebay and customized it to give it a unique look. “It was a good choice. It’s very emblematic of the movie series. It looks good and she looks good driving it.”

For Deauxma, the ending of the series is bittersweet.”I’m going to miss it, I know it,” shesaid. “I’ll miss Dan… the camaraderie of Girlfriends Films. They are wonderful people, the best people by far to work with, and for.”

The final installments of Road Queen are schedule to be released throughout 2015.

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