Jada Pinkett: I Enjoy Watching My Husband’s Sex Scenes

Imagine that you’re part of one of the world’s most famous Tinseltown couples. With fame, fortune and millions of fans, it might seem like life couldn’t get any better. But the marriage of two screen sex symbols could have some interesting downsides — for instance, wouldn’t it be awkward to have to watch your spouse in his/her many on-screen sex scenes? Not at all, according to Jada Pinkett, popular actor and wife of Hollywood megastar Will Smith. In fact, she even finds herself turned on by watching her husband get busy on the silver screen, according to a recent interview.

“She a little freaky like that,” said Smith. Pinkett herself was cagey but let it be known she definitely gets a kick out of seeing Smith’s sexier side in film, even with other performers: “After 20 years . . . I actually, you know . . . Unfortunately, he’s right. It’s kind of a nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way. That’s a whole other conversation.”

“I think you just have to be willing to keep things fresh,” Pinkett continued. “We love growing together and we love doing a lot of things together.”

Smith, meanwhile, evinced somewhat less enthusiasm about watching Pinkett’s love scenes, including sequences in the upcoming sequel Magic Mike XXL. “The difference was everybody’s naked in Jada’s movie,” he joked. “It’s just overkill. It’s like somebody needs to put some drawers on. There’s so many famous people in Magic Mike 2. Everywhere I go there’s some man there who’s been in his drawers with my wife.”

Clearly, these two know how to keep things passionate even after two decades of marriage. If Vivid were ever to get their hands on a Will/Jada sex tape, we’re thinking even the expression “broke the internet” would not be up to the challenge of such a blockbuster!

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