Oh, Darling – Ela Darling

The intelligent, engaging, former librarian, Ela Darling had a huge year in 2014. She starred in films for Vivid, Filly Films, Evil Angel, Devil’s Films and other studios.  Keep reading to learn more about this blonde haired beauty and check out our exclusive 2015 AVN All Access You Tube video with Ela and our AVN correspondent Kayla Jane Danger here.

What Kind of Girl Were You Back in High School?

I asked my high school acquaintances on Facebook to help me answer this. A lot of people mentioned that I was goth and carried a lunch box for a purse (you guys, I was SO FUCKING GOTH I even smoked black cigarettes). I was perceived as kind, smart, quiet, mysterious, intimidating, bookish, warm and friendly, intriguing, and confident (that one boggles my mind). I used to campaign for women’s rights through Amnesty International while wearing inappropriate t-shirts, which sounds about on par with my work with APAC these days.
I dated a sweet boy who was kind of hardcore with tattoos at 16. I also dated a boy who became super-goth after he started fucking me. I also dated a girl for several years who eventually joined the military and had a family. She said, “ You really didn’t care what others thought about something if you liked it, lol. That is why I loved you and still do.” So yeah, straight from the horses’ mouths. (fleshbot.com)

How did You Get Into The Adult Industry?

I started doing softcore non-nude bondage fetish videos when I was 22. I had just finished grad school and got a great job as assistant director of a library and head of reference services. I loved my work and I knew that I would probably do this job or one like it for the rest of my life. Shooting the bondage videos were an escape from the ennui I was experiencing at the idea of “the rest of my life” starting at age 22. I also earned more in an hour on set than I did in a whole day at the library. A few months later I fell in love with someone who lived in LA and decided to move and continue shooting fetish content. That quickly led to lesbian porn. I’ve never enjoyed a job as much as I love this one. (barelist.com)

How Did you Come Up With Your Stage Name?

Ela: I truncated the name Zelda, inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald.
Darling: Wendy Darling and Jessica Darling, two female literary characters I love. (barelist.com)

Who Is Your Favorite Male Performer/Female Performer to Work With and Why?

I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the sky than choose a favorite star who’s been in my pussy. Sinn Sage ranks up there for the ladies. She’s one of my best friends and one of my favorite performers. Violet Monroe is one of my favorite ladies to hang out with and work with now so we have great fucks. I adore Sovereign Syre. I think my favorite performers are the ones I’m friends with outside of porn, so when we shoot together we connect on a deeper, more playful and permissive level than we would with new person.
The same goes with male performers. The most fun I’ve had thus far has been with male performers that I met in my 4.5 year girl/girl stint. I love fucking Marcus London because he makes me feel like a squirting princess. Richie Calhoun, Wolf Hudson, and Anthony Rosano stand out because they were my friends who gave me great fuckings. Friendship makes fucking so spectacular. Five stars for friendship. (Fleshbot.com)

What’s an Ordinary Day Like in your Life?

I’m kind of a boring shut in. I wake up, walk my dog, read, write or work on whatever projects I’ve got in the works, respond to pressing emails, exercise, cook, spend an embarrassing amount of time on Reddit, and avoid travelling further than my neighborhood as much as possible. (barelist.com)

What Do You Like Sexually?

I love to be choked! I LOVE it! If you get rough and start choking me, I love it. I love anal, I discovered. Yes, I love anal. I fucking love anal. I love it rough. I haven’t had very many opportunities in my private life to be tied up and fucked, most of the bondage I’ve done has been for work, so I really want to be tied up and fucked. (adultdvdtalk.com)

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