Buzzfeed Asks: ‘Are You Sexually Average?’

We recently looked at some of the steamiest world records, but what about the averages? Ever wondered what’s typical when people are behind closed doors and between the sheets? Buzzfeed Blue has produced a video assembling the average figures for a wide variety of sexual aspects . . . and some of the numbers are quite surprising!

Here’s the text recap:

Average age virginity lost (men and women, United States): 17.1 years

Average bra size: 34DD (by contrast, in Adult Empire’s pornstar database, the most common bra size is 34B)

Average penis length (erect): 5.5-6.2 inches

(flaccid): 3.5 inches

Most common form of contraception: 16% of women who use contraception use the pill

Average time of foreplay: 5-9 minutes

Average duration of sex: Women on average last 10-14 minutes

Men on average last 5.4 minutes

Frequency of sex: 18-29 year olds – 112 times

30-39 year olds – 86 times

40-49 year olds – 69 times

Number of partners: Straight male age 25-44 – 6.1 partners

Straight female 25-44 – 3.6 partners


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