The Quotable Prinzzess

There’s a whiff of royalty to Prinzzess‘s distinctive name, and she’s certainly likely to make any scepter in the realm rise to attention! The all-girl Girlfriends Films star (and 2004 Penthouse Pet) has had much to say about her career, on-screen approach, and sexuality over the years. We’ve got a pocket guide to some of her most quotable quotations!

On how she got into the industry:

I always wanted to model, I posted a page here [on OneModelPlace] a couple months after I turned 18 and an agent from LA contacted me asking if I want to fly out to LA and shoot, I gave him my limits and said yes. I flew out to work with him in Oct ’03. (XCritic)

On her sexual orientation:

I’m 99% lesbian, out of 100 people I have sex with 99 would be women, although I don’t think I’ve had sex with that many women yet. (XCritic)

On the best and worst parts of her job:

The best part of my job is eating pussy. I love pussy! The worst part . . . there’s no bad part about this job! (Freeones)

On her dream scene:

My dream scene is with a gorgeous girl, shot outside where we rub oil on each other then start making love while we are so covered in oil that its dripping off us and we are slippery wet. (XCritic)

On whether she watches her own scenes:

I don’t watch my sex scenes very often. I’ll watch dialogue more often, and I do like to watch the storyline parts that I’m in. (Wild Magazine)

On other jobs she could envision herself doing:

I would be a business owner or a veterinarian. Both may come later. Right now I’m doing what I like and making money. Life couldn’t be better. (Wild Magazine)

On her retirement plans:

When I retire, I’m going to move out of the country. I bought 200 acres in Belize. But I’m gonna stay in here as long as I can . . . as long as my fans love me, I’ll stay around. (Freeones)

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