Lisa Ann Retires

Even if you’ve never watched a single second of basketball, you know who Michael Jordan is. Even if you’ve never stepped into a museum, you know Picasso. Even if you’ve never cracked open a book, you’re probably familiar with Robert Frost. Some names come to define not only genres but entire disciplines and fields. It’s safe to say that in the contemporary world, the name that is most synonymous with adult entertainment is Lisa Ann. And after a career that has spanned two full decades, the world’s most famous pornstar is retiring.

She announced her decision in a handwritten note posted on her official Facebook page:

Thank you for all the years I have been able to live out my sexual fantasies through fulfilling ours. I have learned who I am sexually by the challenges you have presented me. I also thank you for the amount of years I have been able to be successful in the adult industry as I know it. [It] is your dedication to me that has dictated the success and length of my career. I also thank you for making me so incredibly strong, independent and most of all sexy!

While some scenes that she’s already shot will continue to be released over the coming months, and she’ll still do occasional convention appearances and webcam shows, Lisa went on to state that 2014 will be her last year in the industry.

Lisa Ann entered adult entertainment in 1994, and her list of accomplishments since those early days is sprawling. She’s captured multiple AVN, XBIZ and XRCO awards, and became an AVN Hall of Famer in 2009. Of all performers active as of 2014, it’s fair to say that none can boast the name recognition of Lisa Ann. She routinely tops lists of the “most searched for” personalities, and a quick glance at the Adult DVD Empire popular search terms reveals that she’s near the top month in and month out.

When asked about her evergreen popularity by VICE in January 2014, she commented, “I’m surprised at my staying power, and I’m impressed by the consistency from me. When you get in an upswing in a career you’re always looking at it like, OK, this could also downswing. But the momentum has been so consistent and so fun. People often walk up to me and ask for photos, but I think, It’s just me!”

What has made Lisa Ann so popular over the years? As with anything that captures the popular imagination at large, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact reason, yet numerous aspects stand out. Her association with the provocative Nailin’ Paylin series starting in 2008 gave her an almost unprecedented level of mainstream attention. Her career ascent and subsequent entry into MILFdom coincided with and arguably helped create the continuing fascination with and popularity of that genre. She’s also shown time and time again that she is a fearless performer, willing to push the envelope with a variety of action that allows viewers a full picture of her sexual energy. Moreover, her active interest in engaging with followers through social media, conventions, feature dancing and more has permitted fans to get to know her lively personality off camera, as well. In the end, Lisa Ann has done it all, and done it well.

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