Pornstar Passes the California Bar Exam

The Price is right . . . and pretty damned smart, too! Pornstar Holly Price (née Heather Swift) is the latest adult performer to lay waste to the “pornstars aren’t bright” cliche by taking (and passing) the notoriously difficult California bar exam. According to an article on, just 48.6% of test takers succeed (and another web resource lists the rate at an even lower 41%), but Swift blazed through with the same energy and facility that she has brought to her onscreen performances.

“How did I do it? Because unbeknownst to many, women in the adult industry are intelligent and can matriculate through a cutthroat tier 3 law school, and pass the hardest bar exam in history. . . Perhaps society needs to relinquish stereotypes and overcome their jealousy,” said Swift. “As for those who snicker at women in the adult industry and who couldn’t pass the exam, stop laughing because a stripper porn star is apparently smarter than you.” had a fairly cheeky perspective on Swift’s success: “We wish her the best of luck in her new life as a lawyer. She’s already one step ahead of the game in that she’s already screwed people for a living, and she’ll perform her services even better if a client makes it rain. Any law firm would be lucky to have her.” Well, at least they didn’t make a pun involving the phrase “pro bono.”

Swift starred in movies for Brazzers, Naughty America and more. And no, she has not appeared in any lawyer-themed adult films, although her performance in Naughty Office Vol. 29 (pictured above) spotlights the actor in a professional/office type milieu.

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