Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara Appear on ’20/20′

It’s been a pretty remarkable year for Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara. The couple had a baby in January, they’ve released high-wattage movies like Slutty & Sluttier 23 and Misha Cross: Wide Open, and they’ve gained mainstream attention in outlets like Vice and the New York Times. On Friday, they captured what was probably their widest audience yet in a high-profile interview on 20/20. Check out some transcribed highlights from their candid chat with Elizabeth Vargas.

On her initial reaction to the idea she could be in porn:

KK: I never watched porn. I didn’t have any feeling on it one way or the other. It just was not on my radar. It was more like a “Hmmm” – like if someone just said, “Oh, you can be an astronaut.” It was that far out of left field.

On her first shoot (with Manuel):

KK: I was so scared, and I was so nervous about how am I going to be perceived… and does my makeup look bad… and are they gonna really find out that I can’t act. And then there was that little fear that didn’t occur to me until I was on set, where I started thinking, “What if I’ve been doing sex wrong my entire life, and now I go and try to do it on camera, and everyone knows.”

On Kayden’s decision to quit B/G shoots while Manuel continues:

KK: It was a thorn in the side of our relationship

MF: I’m a jealous person… it’s very difficult to understand how it’s okay for me to do it and not for her. I know that when she did scenes with other guys, she would come home to me and love me – I know that. I also know that she was really good at her job, so it made it a little difficult.

KK: He just didn’t want me there, and I could see it in his eyes. It wasn’t like he went crazy. You could just tell it bothered him. It hurt him.

MF: [Just because] I’m having sex with a person in a scene [doesn’t mean] I’m gonna hold hands with her after the scene. [When] we’re done, we’re done.

On reactions to their career choice:

KK: I often hear people say, “Oh, you could have done anything – why did you do this?” And then I sort of want to explode – “Well, tell me what ‘anything’ is and how it puts me at age 29 with the love of my life and a baby in a nice house, with my retirement set up, a good chunk of money in the bank, residual income, and all the free time to spend with people I love.”

On keeping porn movie scenarios fresh:

MF: Everything’s been done but the girls are always different. There’s always new girls coming into this industry, so it doesn’t matter if you shoot a hundred times of a pizza guy delivering a pizza – it doesn’t matter . . . as long as the girls change.

On whether they’d want their daughter to be in porn one day:

KK: I would like for her to do something that had more stability – something that isn’t reliant on being young and pretty for a moment and the hot thing for a moment.

On their personal sex life:

KK: I like that I know that the only person he is doing that very slow intimate with is me. I know no one is paying for that on camera. MF: No matter what, the sex you have at home is never going to be the same. The sex that you have for the camera, you have to be technical. At home, we don’t have to do all that.

On romance:

MF: I don’t want to sound cheesy, but it’s almost like I started porn so one day I could meet her.

Watch the full 20/20 segment here.

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