MMD Interviews Cindy Starfall

Petite Asian porn star, Cindy Starfall grew up in a wealthy household in Vietnam. At 15, Cindy moved to the United States and found herself in an all girls Catholic school in Oregon.  After refusing an arranged marriage set up by her mother at 19, Starfall was kicked out of her house. Cindy worked a corporate job while webcam modeling at night until her employer confronted her about her nighttime side gig.  In March of 2012, Cindy met a Hustler executive and shortly after shot her first hardcore scene.  Men’s Mag Daily interviewed Cindy to find out more about her life before porn and after entering the adult scene.

On moving to the U.S. at 15

It was a total cultural change. I didn’t speak the English language. It was everything from the language barrier, to the food, to the culture in general. Everything was different so it was definitely a culture shock. It was intimidating at first but I love being around American men so I figured I should learn some English.

On Sexuality in Vietnam

Everything was very traditional so sex was not a topic in your average household. In that culture, if you’re a woman and you talk about sex you’re considered a shame to your family, a slut. It was all about waiting until marriage to have sex and even though times are more modern that’s still going on over there. I went to an all-girls school so sexually I wasn’t exposed to a lot. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18 but after that I turned into a complete slut because I was really curious. I think all the strict rules work for a little bit but in my case they definitely backfired. I think the stricter it is then the more curious a person is going to be as to what the other side of things is like. I don’t look at being slutty as a shameful thing, I’m proud of who I am. I’m proud that I’ve fucked so many guys in the last two years.

How her Parents Reacted to her Becoming a Pornstar

I don’t know because I haven’t talked to them. I lost contact with them since I moved out when I was 19 because I started to become more of a rebel. I wasn’t a rebel in terms of doing drugs and stuff but I went against what they wanted me to do like arranged marriage. I didn’t want to follow all their rules. One day I realized that I can’t please everybody and I have to put myself first. If they did find out I don’t think they would be very happy. They would feel like they sent me to an all-girl school for nothing.

Why her Fans Love her so Much

I keep it real. A lot of my fans love it that I’m genuine and I really enjoy what I’m doing. I’m not ashamed of saying how many guys I fucked. This is my personality. I’m very energetic and bubbly off camera as well. A lot of women want to disconnect during scenes but random strangers turn me on more because of my swinger lifestyle. I’m a curious girl and I like new things. I get a new guy every scene and I don’t even have to call him afterwards.

On Other Asian Girls in the Business

I’m a fan of anybody who is professional and has a great attitude. I love Asa Akira, Tera Patrick, and so many more. They’re great people who love their jobs. They have a great attitude and they put a lot into their work. They don’t mind being sexual. Pornstars know what they want and they don’t really care what other people think.

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