Metart Brings ‘Sex Art’ to DVD

“When sex and art combine . . . the possibilities are infinite.”

It’s rare for a porn movie to have what amounts to a paragraph-long mission statement on its cover, but then again, Metart isn’t your typical porn movie studio. Attempting to answer the question of whether porn is art might result in some very spirited arguments, yet there’s no doubt that Metart is making a very convincing case for the “yes” side. They’ve already made quite a name for themselves in erotica, and they’re not stopping there. The latest step in their evolution is a growing series of adult film DVDs that aren’t content to be simply filed away under the traditional porn labels.

“The MetArt Philosophy is our way to expressing how seriously we are dedicated to quality content, top of the line customer care, and our family of staff who contribute so much to make MetArt be the very best in erotic art, ” said Jill Taylor, Metart’s VP of Marketing, when the company released its official “Metart Philosophy” in 2012. Metart also prides itself on regarding performers as full collaborators. “Our models and photographers are not just a ‘resource’ or ‘the talent,” the company stated.

The Metart name stretches back to the launch of their website in 1999, and has been associated with quality and artistry from the beginning. Their new DVDs make up a collection of some of the work that is most representative of the company’s philosophy. SexArt Volume 1: Pure Pleasure is toplined by frequent Metart collaborator Dido Angel and contains four scenes exploring her sexual unique magnetism: Alluring Passion, Vertigo, True Love, and Hot and Cold. New release SexArt Volume 2: Pink Kiss offers the same attention to high-class visuals but with a narrower focus on all-girl action. Upcoming release The Writer compiles 10 episodes of Alis Locanta’s critically acclaimed sexually charged psychodrama starring Whitney Conroy, Alexis Brill and more.

The “infinite possibilities” of Sex Art on DVD are only just getting started, so check out Metart’s movies now!

SexArt Volume One - Pure Pleasure Porn Movie SexArt Volume Two - Pink Kiss Porn Movie The Writer Porn Movie