Angela White Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before!

Every once in a while, a porn movie comes along that is so crammed with remarkable action that any one of its scenes alone could be a compelling selling point. The Angela White spotlight vehicle Angela certainly fits the bill! First anal? Check! James Deen co-stars. First interracial? Yup! With the remarkably endowed Lexington Steele, no less. First double penetration? It’s all here! For porn fans, it’s an opportunity to introduce and re-introduce themselves to Angela White, an Australian star whose career is entering an exciting new phase with this latest release.

Like Anastasia Pierce, Erika Lust and other contemporary adult directors and performers, Angela considers her porn career a natural extension of her sexuality. She faced criticism for her openness about sex as a teen and sought a career where she could explore her passionate side without censure. Porn has provided just that very space. No stranger to the intellectual side of lust and love, University of Melbourne alum Angela also did an honors thesis about the transformative, positive nature¬† of pornography, counterbalancing feminist critiques of adult entertainment. “Sexuality is a powerful force in my life. I never feel more alive, or more vulnerable, than when I am being overwhelmed by my senses in sexual abandon,” said White.

Sex is an equally powerful force in Angela, a film whose potency was so obvious that it almost immediately zoomed to the top of Adult DVD Empire’s pre order list when it became available for purchase. With action this attention-grabbing, style this glossy, and a star this enticing, it’s not hard to see why. The movie is the first offering from AGW Entertainment, White’s new DVD line distributed through Girlfriends Films.

“My focus is always on passion, chemistry and spontaneity. Shooting pornography is a way for me to express and explore my sexuality so I choose partners that I feel will push my boundaries and with whom I have a genuine connection,” White said of her approach to adult entertainment. While Angela is a showstopper that may seem hard to top, it’s only the beginning for AGW. “There will be many releases from AGW Entertainment to come and they will focus on my sexual journey showcased in scenes with high-end production values, beautiful locations and of course, passionate sex,” White elaborated.

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