Playboy Latino Magazine to Debut in December

Playboy Magazine recently teamed up with Arbol Publishing, the second largest Hispanic publishing company in the U.S., to edit, produce and distribute ‘Playboy Latino.’  “We are thrilled to begin publishing Playboy Latino for the fast-growing U.S. Latino and Spanish-speaking market,” said Edgardo Iorio, Playboy Latino publisher and editor-in-chief. “The past 30 years have produced a significant shift in the U.S. demographic and a new generation of Spanish speaking consumers has emerged. Playboy Latino will provide this fast-growing population with an entertaining platform to share their accomplishments, views and interests in the arts, sports, political and business world.”

“Playboy Latino will offer readers the engaging, thoughtful and provocative content that has made Playboy magazine the gold standard for award-winning journalism,” said Tom Flores, Playboy’s senior vice president, general manager publishing operations. “We look forward to a successful partnership with Arbol Publishing as we continue to expand the Playboy brand to a new group of consumers.”

The Latino edition of the magazine will feature celebrity interviews, humor, current social and political issues, short fiction, lifestyle pieces and pictorials.  It will be initially published on a bimonthly, subscription basis.  In addition to Playboy Latino and the U.S. edition, there are 26 foreign editions of Playboy published around the world.

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