Scarlet Red Interview

Adult DVD Talk recently sat down with Adult Empire Film’s very own cover girl, Scarlet Red, for an intimate one on one session.  The red hot beauty discussed her life pre-porn, blowjob skills, plus shared some steamy tidbits about working in the industry:

On what kind of girl she was growing up: “I grew up in Colorado. I am a mountain girl. I grew up in the Aspen and Vail area. I grew up playing volleyball and soccer. I’m tall, I’m 5’9”. (laughs) I’m the type of girl who got along with everybody. I was very happy-go-lucky, I was the type of girl who wanted to make everyone happy before I was. I’m extremely caring and passionate about things. I’m very goal oriented.”

On how she got into the industry: “I guess you could say I was like a lot of young girls, I wanted to be a model. I did a lot of local stuff in Colorado but I wanted to get further. And a friend of mine lied to me and said she had a modeling gig in California. And I kept pushing her to tell them about me. She finally admitted to me it was adult work and I said, ‘Well, I’ll still do it!’ I was never against porn. So I tried it out and I ended up loving it. I never expressed myself sexually that way and it felt liberating. It was a very cool experience.”

On her first scene: “I did a good job! (laughs) It went really well. It was for Bubblegum and that was with Marry Lynn. It was really interesting. I didn’t know what to expect. I got it out of my head and let my body take control. And that was great! And when I can do that, I think it’s a talent and a gift and that’s what makes it work for me. I can take my mind out of my body and just let my body enjoy.”

On giving the perfect blowjob: “I like them sloppy. I like spit, I like showing streams on camera. I like licking it like a Popsicle. I like tickling the balls. I like deep throating while tickling the balls. Or even lick the balls while deep throating. I like to play with the tip. When I give blowjobs and put it in my mouth, I swirl the tongue around my dick while it’s in my mouth. I play with it all and sometimes I blow on the spit, you know, the tingling sensation, the fun stuff like that.”

On what gets her wet: “The question should be, ‘what gets Scarlet red?’ I turn red when I orgasm! I like being surprised. I like spontaneous things. I like going slow, then going fast. In and out with just the tip, surprise me with different positions. I kind of like submissive roles but then if I can take control I will, especially if I’m on top. (laughs)”

Want even more Scarlet?  Read the interview in it’s entirety here or reserve her self-titled showcase, coming in October.

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