MMD Interviews Tattooed Hottie Lolly Ink

Blonde, tattooed and busty, Lolly Ink is hard to miss with her amazing body and sleeve of tattoos.  She’s worked with top studios such as Brazzers, Wicked Pictures and Evil Angel and when she’s not having sex on camera, she’s modeling swimsuits.  Mens Mag Daily talked to Lolly in a recent interview.  Keep reading to find out about her life before porn, her dating life, and her tattoos.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay, so Lolly, how long have you been in the industry?

Lolly Ink: I’ve been in the industry for two years now. I’m still pretty new to it.

Mens Mag Daily: What were you doing before you entered the business?

Lolly Ink: I was actually always into modeling so I did it a lot but it was mostly for fun and I also did a couple of music videos. I was in a couple of magazines too and I was also a hairstylist.

Mens Mag Daily: How did you decide to take the next step and get into adult movies?

Lolly Ink: I always wanted to do it, since I was young, so weird. I grew up in a small town and my family was pretty strict so I never took that route because I wasn’t very rebellious. I also had boyfriends which held me back. I ended up doing a photo shoot that was a little risqué and I got excited when I saw the pictures so it made me want to submit to agencies. I actually only submitted to one agency, they got back to me right away and I signed with them.

Mens Mag Daily: So how often do people ask you about your tattoos and how annoying is it?

Lolly Ink: I’ve had them for so long now, since I was about 21 so it’s not that annoying anymore, I’m kind of used to it.

Mens Mag Daily: What type of guys do you like?

Lolly Ink: Any guy I’m with has to have a sense of humor, that’s a major plus. I like a tall guy and I like a guy who’s into sports, it doesn’t matter what kind as long as he’s into something. I like my guys athletic. And you know, it’s funny because you would think I’m into a guy with tattoos but I actually prefer no tattoos on a guy or very little. I don’t know, I like a preppier look. Even though I have the hard look with my tattoos I dress very girly and I’m very sweet and feminine. People stereotype girls with tattoos as kind of hardcore and wild and I’m only those things when it comes to the bedroom.

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