Wide Open with Misha Cross

Why is Misha Cross in porn? Because she “likes to fuck.”

That’s how the newbie starlet summed things up in an interview with Adult DVD Talk – or at least it’s the “simple explanation,” as she termed it –  and there’s something to be said for the candid, to-the-point manner in which Misha conducts herself. She’s equally direct in her raw sensuality and smoldering sex appeal in Misha Cross Wide Open from Evil Angel. It’s the first opportunity for the Polish beauty to get her name in the title, and the buzz the movie is generating seems sure to push Misha forward into a whole new level of stardom.

“I’m so excited and I’m so honored and flattered really that [Manuel Ferrara] chose me to do a big movie. It’s a big deal. I’m pretty happy about it,” Misha told XBIZ. It gave her the opportunity to demonstrate many sides of her on-screen sexuality, from an anal scene with Manuel to more romantically oriented action with Kayden Kross.

Co-director Ferrara saw something special in her, even going so far as to depart from his established style and approach to properly feature her in his movie. “I rarely do movies that feature one girl but Cross inspired me,” he noted in an AVN article. “I had worked with Misha … she’s beautiful, intelligent and loves to fuck. When I find a girl that I think is really special, the best way to show her is to make a movie around her.”

Misha is a woman of many sides, with an enthusiasm for photography and reading in addition to her skill for on-screen passion. She enjoys Charles Bukowski and Philip Roth because they’re “dramatic and depressing.” (With titles including The Human Stain, The Prague Orgy and The Professor of Desire, Roth’s canon of books could probably easily form a series of high-brow porn spoofs! Maybe Misha should star.)

“I’m most interested in that gloomy, depressing stuff. It’s because you can really feel that it’s a real life, that it’s not fantastic bullshit that they’re going to tell you or ‘50 Shades of Grey’ or whatever. You can really get into it and you can really feel that it’s like a real-life story because everybody has got their ups and downs in their life,” Misha said.

The narrative of Misha Cross Wide Open corresponds with Misha’s interest in the darker side of things, skillfully looking at the shadowy and complex aspects of sexual relationships while still packing in a perfect hardcore lineup including anal, group sex, double penetration and more. The tagline is “Nothing is held back,” and for Misha and the movie alike, it’s perfectly apt!

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