Take Five: Burning Angel

build your collection: 5 quick burning angel picks Burning Angel Entertainment

For an industry so heavy on devilishly dirty hardcore action, porn certainly has an unusually high complement of Angels: Elegant Angel, Evil Angel (perhaps those two are perched on opposing shoulders?), Eva Angelina, Marina Angel, Evasive Angles (well, it’s close) et cetera. In this edition of Take Five, let’s spotlight five essential picks from porn’s “punk angel” studio, Joanna Angel‘s Burning Angel Entertainment. The devil made us do it . . .

1 Tits And Tattoos Porn Movie Tits And Tattoos

hot new releaseBoobs and Body Art could have been the alternate title, but under any name, this brand-new Burning Angel release delivers just what it says . . . and what could be better? All the girls featured have ink that’s rivaled in scope and scale only by their bust sizes! There’s less plot than some of Burning Angel’s most famous releases, but in the end, Tits and Tattoos is a perfect distillation of the studio’s style and approach.

2 Rock & Roll In My Butthole Porn MovieRock & Roll In My Butthole

throwback: Slip back to the early days of Burning Angel Entertainment with this rock & roll infused anal extravagaza. Described as the “the perfect fix for the anal obsessed” by Adult DVD Empire’s Dinah-Mo Hum on first release, Rock & Roll In My Butthole‘s good-natured spoofing set the tone for many of Burning Angel’s films to follow.


3 Fuckenstein Porn MovieFuckenstein

feature pickHorror spoofs and parodies are a standby in Burning Angel’s back catalog, and Fuckenstein certainly must rank among the most memorable. While the lumbering gait of the world’s most famous monster might not seem like a natural match for porn action, energetic performances from James Deen and the rest of the impressive cast make this a horror comedy for every collection.


4 Shark Bait Shark Bait

wild, weird and unmissableUndoubtedly one of the funniest and zaniest films to come from Burning Angel, Shark Bait satirizes grindhouse movies with typical aplomb. It starts with a solo Joanna scene that perfectly balances humor with hardcore and just gets wackier from there. The title song is also quite catchy and almost impossible not to be humming after you’ve watched the movie.

5P.O.V. Punx 7: The Big Boob Edition Porn MovieP.O.V. Punx 7: The Big Boob Edition

ade review favorite: Step right into the middle of things with chesty POV punks. Adult DVD Empire reviewer Oranje sums it up this way: “[Burning Angel] put together a lineup of stars that you really want to see, and it makes it hard to say no. So I think it’s a no-brainer, honestly, and you’ll find yourself quite at home in the POV zone with some really big tits. Sometimes everything in life just works out, you know?”

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