Buzzfeed Blue Offers ‘6 Hacks For Better Sex’

The term “hack” has become a social network buzzword for what used to be simply called a tip or trick, but rarely has the word been applied for inside info on the steamy side of things. Buzzfeed Blue rectifies¬†this sorry state of affairs with their latest video, “6 Hacks for Better Sex.” So, instead of learning how to pour pancake batter out of a ketchup bottle or organize your USB cables with toilet paper rolls, learn some “hacks” that you’ll have much more fun using in the bedroom.

Well, if sales in heels suddenly dip, we’ll know why. (Even with the promise of better sex, we’re not holding our breath on that one. Sounds like telling men they’ll have a better love life if they stop watching football.)

Looking for more insight into how to have a better sex life, perhaps with more intimate illustration than family-friendly YouTube can provide? Browse our selection of Instructional DVDs here!

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