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Samantha Bentley Pornstar

Like the classic automaker that shares her surname, saucy Brit Samantha Bentley seems almost custom built to fulfill fantasies. The Real Porn Wikileaks caught up with Samantha for a revealing interview . . . all that’s missing is her British accent (hear it here).

When did you shoot your first porn scene — and what led to you trying your hand at a career in adult entertainment?

I was 22 and it was a girl/girl scene in Budapest, with a stunning Czech girl that spoke no English and was a complete bitch. I decided to do porn after an ex boyfriend told me how cool it would be if I was a ‘porn star’…

What was your first day on set like?

Confusing and not very pleasurable. No one spoke English and I became increasingly aware of people giving me dirty looks.

Where did your ‘nom de porn’ come from?

When I was 20 and I just did ‘solo open leg’ – yes imagine that! I shot for a horrible British tease site that posted my real name (Samantha) and the initial B…. I guess there were two Samanthas on the site, A and B.

So my second venture was my friend’s site, a school girl site loosely based on St. Trinians. She told me to pick a name. I wanted to be Pixie May. She said ‘absolutely not, it’s far too porn‘. She decided my name had to coincide with the awful tease site, so that ‘fans’ could easily locate me. I begrudgingly agreed and chose Samantha Bentley.

What’s your favorite thing about the adult business?

Travel. Hands down. I’m so spoilt with the places I get to visit.

What’s your least favorite thing about the adult business?

The drama. I just want an easy life!  (In the craziest industry in the world.) Also the travel can be both a blessing and a curse. I miss home a lot.

What were you like growing up? Were you an attractive child or an ugly duckling?

I was the ugliest of ducklings. I had squinty eyes and pointy little tooths. Then I was chubby with braces and greasy short black hair.

Would your high school fiends be surprised at your career in adult entertainment?

I’m not sure. I was very naughty at school, disruptive and cheeky and I was always in trouble for the wrong uniform, like Mötley Crüe badges on my school skirt and red and black dreadlocked hair…. Maybe they all expected me to do something rebellious.

What’s the best time of day for sex?

Wake up sex rocks my world. Although I haven’t had sex off camera in so long I can’t really remember what that’s like….

What are the ingredients in a great blow job?

Ahhh I was told this by my good friend while I was in LA. He told me I give amazing head and explained why.   1. No teeth  2. Eye contact  3. Use of hands  4. Noise. Not retarded porn noise. Noise to show I enjoy it.  5. Keeping it moist.

An excellent list, although I would add “6. Don’t start crying afterward.” If someone wanted to see the best Samantha Bentley scene so far, what should they watch?

The Voracious scene takes the cake for me. But I know it’s incredibly sadistic and not to some people’s taste so my scene with Rocco and Henessy in Perfect Slaves 2 from Evil Angel.

Let’s talk about anal — is it something you enjoyed in your personal sex life prior to entering adult films?

Yes. Immensely. I cum harder from anal. Although it took my ex boyfriend years to get me to give up my ass. He got it on my 21st birthday. After spoiling me completely rotten.

Is ass to mouth an essential, natural part of any sexual encounter?

I think so. It’s like when guys refuse to kiss you after you suck their dick. What the fuck is that shit? It ruins the vibe if you don’t go with the flow. Just taste it and enjoy it.

What’s your favorite type of sex scene to perform?

Anything exciting where I feel like I’m pushing boundaries. Shooting for Evil Angel and Kink is always a pleasure.

What’s your favorite type of sex off camera?

Romantic anal. Sodomize me slowly.

Is there anything you won’t do on film?

Nothing illegal. But I think I’m pretty cool with everything.

Who’s your favorite director to work with so far?

Oh god I hate this question ! Ultimately Stagliano and Rocco, but Scarlett Revell who directed my feature for Harmony is incredible as are Gazzman and Tanya Hyde. Basically everyone for Harmony, and John and Rocco for Evil Angel.

Let’s talk pubic hair…

I have a full blooming furry bush and I love it.

Which performer eats the best pussy?

Lexi Lowe, Dani Daniels and Aiden Ashley. Those girls can eat.

If someone came to you and wanted advice on entering adult work what would you say? 

Think long and hard and if you’re still ok knowing that everyone you love will at some point find out, and you’ve considered the health risks, the long term ‘after porn’ career moves and come to terms with the fact that it’s a fucking job and it’s hard work. Then go for it!

Where will Samantha Bentley be in five years?

Hopefully in a nice house with a husband and a baby!

Read the full interview here.

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