Erotic Literature

Editor’s Note: The following blog entry was composed by porn starlet Tasha Reign.

Naughty thoughts run through my head every day, all day, and I use the different scenarios I’m in to explore fantasies and enjoy how my mind wanders.  I feel guilty sometimes reading erotica in public but I think its becoming so accepted with “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and its various forms of media like literature, which helps our society to move forward by opening the minds of individuals.  I’m thrilled more women in particular are speaking openly about their sex lives, their fantasies, their sadomasochistic thoughts and dirty dreams.  Today in the hair salon I started ready “Sleeping Beauty”, by Anne Rice who is notorious for her controversial novels and wow it was everything I wanted and more.  I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who likes a dirtier version of tame erotica and wants a less vanilla version of popular women’s fantasies.  The scenes involve domination and submission but they glamorize the fantasy, humiliation, taboo acts, groups watching, forceful rape, sleeping sex, family, coercion all of the things that are actually illegal to distribute in pornographic films.  I think its great, I love that the author speaks so eloquently about how we as a collective audience are so media illiterate, that we cant dabble in or own thoughts and turn-ons and play time reserved for adults.  Our freedom of speech is constantly being trampled on and I want so badly for sex education and media literacy to be focused on in America.  Anne Rice’s introduction to her series sums up my feelings regarding allowing ourselves to let loose and take pleasure in a fictional world while not becoming wrapped up in literal translations.

XO Tasha Reign