Comic Mania

Editor’s Note: The following blog entry was composed by porn superstar Chanel Preston.

I know I have not blogged in a while but the good news is that means I have a lot to write about. I am now living in L.A. so I have been working on a lot of projects and I’ll let you know about a few of them. I think the last time I blogged I talked about being Wonder Women in The Justice League Parody and that has been selling very well and been getting amazing reviews. I recently went to Comic Con in San Diego to promote the movie and I had such a good time. It was interesting to be around a different crowd, especially a crowd that loves Wonder Women. I wasn’t even able to go to the bathroom dressed up because I was getting bombarded by the fans wanting pictures and video. I was told numerous times that I had one of the best costumes but it could have been because my tits were hanging out. Overall, the convention was very successful and now plenty of comic lovers have The Justice League Parody sitting at home, hopefully in their dvd players.

At the end of July I also shot a Wonder Women interactive dvd which I was so excited to do. People fantasize about being with Wonder Women so an interactive format made complete sense. I am not sure on the release date yet but it will be within the next few months. It’s interesting how they shot it because you will actually be able to help me fight crime and if you make all the right decision you get the big prize, ME! What better prize is that? I’m hoping it will be released before the EXXXOTICA NY / NJ expo. If you are in the area at the time come get a copy.

Extreme Comixxx also has a lot more in store for all the comic book lovers and I am continuing to shoot with them every month. Next month will be Birds of Prey and I actually will be playing a villain this time. I also just spoke with the director of Extreme Comixxx last night and has he has some amazing plans. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what they are yet but I am very excited for everything and hopefully you all are too! I will keep everyone informed in the future.

-XO Chanel